OLI inaugurated a 12 million euro investment and reinforced its commitment to sustainability
27 Jun 2023

OLI inaugurated the tenth expansion of its industrial complex, located in Aveiro - Portugal, in a global investment of 12 million euros which now allows the company to add a total area of 42 thousand square meters and reduce its environmental footprint.

 Built over 606 days, the new building, installed in a total area of over 8,000 metres, is committed to energy sustainability, and its facades and roofs are covered with 1,050 photovoltaic panels. OLI's industrial complex will now integrate 3,862 solar photovoltaic panels, which will allow an overall power output of 1,560 kWp (kilowatt-peak) and will reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tonnes per year.

"With this expansion, we want to consolidate our focus on the future of the company, which next year celebrates its seventieth anniversary. It is also with a focus on the future, not only of the company, but also of the planet, that we want to continue the progress already made in the implementation of the best environmental and sustainability practices," said António Ricardo Oliveira, Board Member of OLI.

 In addition to the investment in the photovoltaic park to produce clean energy to achieve ambitious decarbonization goals, OLI is recovering raw material, through mills installed at the exit of the machines, and is investing in innovation to adopt new raw materials from alternative origins to fossil and oil sources.

 In 2022, OLI eliminated the use of blister packs in production, which resulted in the reduction of 11 tonnes of plastic consumption. Out of the 5,034 tonnes of raw materials consumed, 12% (451 tonnes) corresponded to recycled raw materials.

The investment in the photovoltaic panels was developed in the scope of the Project “Agenda ILLIANCE” [C644919832-00000035 | Project nº 46], financed by PRR – Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência under the Next Generation EU from the European Union.

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