WP5 - Project Governance Model and Demonstrators
WP coordinated by
Bosch Termotecnologia

WP5 comprises the integrated management initiative of the ILLIANCE programme in the light of the governance model, with a view to ensuring efficient and effective management of the Agenda from an operational and technical management point of view, taking into account the magnitude of the project and the large number of resources allocated to it, and from a perspective of endogenization of results, seeking the consolidation of cooperation between the co-sponsors. This aims to ensure the necessary requirements for the proper achievement of the objectives/tasks in view of the anticipated products/processes/services, reinforced by the Consortium Contract that the Co-sponsors undertake mutually and reciprocally, defining the contributions, assignments, relationships, rights and duties of the promoter and the co-promoter, with a view to the execution of the Project.
In addition to governance and dissemination activities and wide dissemination of results, this WP includes a set of thematic demonstrator development activities, considering the requirement of simulation conditions, that will enable integration and testing of the developed protypes and products, and close to real conditions demonstration facilities and use cases, as means for acceleration and adoption of these products in the residential market, according to the needs and expectations of the consumers.