WP1 - Electric/renewable heating appliances
WP coordinated by
Bosch Termotecnologia

This WP deals with the aggregation of new knowledge and the design, development and industrialization of new technological products (and inherently processes) and technologically innovative geared to the electrification of the economy (i.e. heating/air conditioning) including in the design, development and industrialization of heat pumps (critical design); the development of solutions for the integral electrification of residential contexts; the exploitation of new materials and raw materials (including recycled components) for integration into electrical equipment; the integration of electronic components into materials and raw materials. These high-tech solutions, supported by strong innovative features, aim to generate a positive impact on health and well-being.

The core initiative is the materialization of a new heat pump factory, with innovative characteristics and high technological content, competitive in the global market. This critical investment aims to position Bosch as a world leader in the specialized exploitation of this highly efficient technology, which is indispensable in the face of emissions reduction targets and carbon footprint and the necessary promotion of thermal comfort. This WP includes complementary solutions for incorporation into Bosch products, e.g.: cork sealing solutions for new heat pump technologies; electronic component incorporation solutions in plastic components; production of EPS consisting only of recycled EPS. In addition, in the context of the development of tanks for heat pump technology, it is proposed to generate knowledge and develop systems with the capacity to produce passivation (anti-corrosion) in metal tube products.

We also highlight the initiative "Electrification of the house at 100%" which includes the creation of new knowledge, products/processes that enable the electrification of residential realities (namely sustained in bottled gas) ensuring scalability and ease of adoption. This initiative is based on the use of technologies/Partnerships developed in the present consortium, studying its implementation and feasibility of market introduction.

PPS1 Heat Pumps
PPS1 Heat Pumps

Development of a new platform of high efficiency and low noise of operation heat pumps, for climatization and heating of sanitary hot waters, destined to houses or apartments using new refrigerants with reduced ozone depletion effect, namely propane gas, which has so far not been so much used as a closed loop refrigerant. The development process of these products is based on the exploitation of innovative production processes through automation, collaborative robotics, artificial vision systems and automatic identification, automatic handling, including the use of machine Learning technologies and artificial intelligence.

The heat pumps will incorporate an innovative sealing solution, which relies on the incorporation of cork and the development of different formats from the current ones (flat), with guaranteed performance of the implementation equipment. The incorporation of cork for gas sealing and external agents should contribute to the assumptions of efficiency, performance and carbon footprint reduction, and so far unknown, a sealing system that ensures the incorporation of a material with such a negative footprint.